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Root canals are needed when the tissue inside the root canal is infected or inflamed. Teeth that have an infection must be addressed promptly to avoid complications. Root canal therapy at Floor Dental Group can help save your abscessed tooth, restore the tooth’s function, and relieve pain and discomfort.

What Is a Root Canal?

A root canal is when the pulp or nerve area inside of the tooth becomes infected or inflamed. If this happens and the area is infected, the pulp will need to be removed. Teeth that require root canals can be painful and should be addressed right away. Root canals are performed to save a tooth and can prevent serious health problems.

Why Are Root Canals Needed?

Root canals are necessary if the pulp area of the tooth is infected from decay, or has been injured. Injuries to a tooth can cause bacteria to enter the area and this can create pain and sensitivity. Root canals should be done as soon as possible to save the abscessed tooth and prevent infection. If you have an abscessed tooth that has not been treated and is infected, root canals can remove the infected area and save the tooth.

What Are Signs of Needing a Root Canal?

If you have tooth pain or sensitivity, this can indicate something is wrong. Many patients have symptoms alerting them that they should call our office, and others may have no symptoms at all. If you think you may need a root canal, we encourage you to contact our office right away and we will ensure you are seen promptly.


Symptoms That Indicate You May Need Root Canal Treatment


  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold
  • Pain in or around the tooth
  • Tooth injury
  • The tooth is discolored
  • Swelling in or around the teeth or gums
  • Painful chewing
  • Jaw is tender to the touch

Are Root Canals Painful?

At Floor Dental Group we keep our patients comfortable during root canal therapy. Our doctors specialize in pain management, and we offer computerized injections that administer a local anesthetic to keep our patients comfortable. This technology is extremely controlled and can keep the anesthetic to only the tooth being treated. Patients can relax pain-free, and the overall procedure is easier with this high-level technology.

Why Would I Need A Root Canal Instead of an Extraction?

At Floor Dental Group our priority is to always save your natural tooth.


When the pulp area becomes infected, the area can be treated and sealed, and the tooth can be restored in most cases. Tooth extraction is only done as a last resort, or if the tooth is extremely damaged. Extraction is necessary if the tooth is severely damaged and root canal treatment can not restore the tooth’s function. If tooth extraction is needed our team will develop a customized treatment plan and discuss tooth replacement options.

Do I Need a Crown After a Root Canal?

Root canals can help save a tooth from future infection and in most cases, crowns are needed after a root canal procedure. This is because root canals require removing healthy tissue to treat the tooth infection, which can compromise the tooth’s strength. Dental crowns are placed after a root canal to restore a tooth’s function and keep the tooth strong.


Crowns can withstand pressure from chewing and grinding, and protect your natural tooth underneath from weakening. Crowns also protect the tooth from sensitivity after a root canal and allow a patient to eat normally. After a root canal procedure, the damaged tooth may look discolored. Dental crowns can help a tooth cosmetically and are custom made to match the color, size, and shape of your natural teeth.

What Happens During a Root Canal Procedure?

When a patient visits our office for a root canal procedure, we begin by administering a local anesthetic to keep the tooth numb and the patient comfortable.


The decayed area and pulp are removed and cleaned out thoroughly to prevent future infection. Once the root canal procedure is done, we typically will recommend a crown to be placed on top of the affected tooth.


This will help protect the tooth and will allow the tooth’s function to be restored. Root canal procedures usually take around an hour to complete, and our state-of-the-art technology and computerized anesthetic injections ensure our patients remain pain-free.

Are You Interested in Finding Out More About Root Canal Treatment for a Tooth Infection in Cupertino, CA?

If you would like to find out more about root canals, or if you are experiencing symptoms and would like to be seen in our office, contact Floor Dental Group. Root canals should always be treated promptly and our doctors provide the very best care. Our personalized service and welcoming environment will have you feeling better quickly.


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