Floor Dental Group only uses advanced technology to bring the latest equipment and techniques to our patients. We make your visits simple and provide technology such as digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, iTero digital impressions, and Identafi oral cancer screening. Let Floor Dental Group handle all of your dental needs and provide exceptional care you can count on.

Advanced Dental Technology

We Only Offer the Best Technology for Our Patients

Floor Dental Group offers the latest in advanced dental technology to make your visit easy and comfortable. Our exam rooms are set up to provide the very best care while you relax in the chair.

We want the very best for our patients, and our team of doctors can provide general, preventative, or restorative care depending on your needs. Let Floor Dental Group handle your dental care, ensure you have a positive experience, and leave our office with a bright healthy smile.

Technology at Floor Dental Group

Digital X-rays


Floor Dental Group offers digital x-rays that provide safe and accurate images of your teeth. The x-rays are taken using a sensor that is inserted into your mouth. The sensors work directly with computer technology to upload high-quality images instantly in our exam rooms for our doctors to review with you.

Advanced Dental Technology

Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure and are a much safer option for patients compared to traditional x-rays. Our team can transfer records easily, and digital x-rays make appointments simple and easy. Using technology like digital x-rays can help our doctors detect issues quickly and provide treatment to prevent future problems.


Intraoral Cameras


Intraoral cameras can help our doctors look closely into your mouth to help diagnose and treat dental problems. Our camera technology at Floor Dental Group gives our doctors the ability to see the structures of the teeth and gums, as well as capture video footage. We can access cavities, decay, gum disease, oral problems, or damaged teeth quickly, and provide treatment to restore your smile. Intraoral cameras are helpful in diagnosing oral cancer, lesions, or tumors, and screen patients when they come in for their regular exam and cleaning. Patients who are at high-risk for oral cancer or who use tobacco products are great candidates for this technology. This technology can measure suspicious areas and can easily be shared for further review.


iTero Digital Impressions


iTero digital impressions at Floor Dental Group helps to create quality images and eliminate the need for goopy impressions. The process only takes minutes and helps our team create accurate and precise restorations such as crowns, bridges, veneers, and dentures. The iTero process is painless and is completed using a small wand that is placed inside your mouth. iTero technology is safe and scanning is comfortable without radiation exposure. Images are stored digitally making the process easier to track and create impressions. This technology can display what your smile will look like after treatment, giving patients a clear picture of the end result.


Identafi Oral Cancer Screening Device


We offer Identafi oral cancer screening at Floor Dental Group using fluorescence and reflectance light technology. If oral cancer is caught early, most cases can be treated and cured. This technology can detect tissue abnormalities that the natural eye cannot see. During the scan, a light is shown inside the mouth to examine all areas carefully to ensure there are no abnormalities. The Identafi technology helps our doctors get in front of issues quickly, is painless, and only takes a few minutes. Identafi cancer screenings should be done at least once a year, and this technology is perfect for patients that have a history of cancer, or those that use tobacco products.


Nitrous Oxide


Floor Dental Group offers Nitrous Oxide to help patients get through dental procedures. Nitrous Oxide is a method of sedation and is administered through a mask that is placed over the mouth. The Nitrous Oxide is combined with oxygen and allows the patient to be awake during a procedure and respond to the doctor if necessary. Nitrous Oxide can help to relax patients who may have dental anxiety and allow them to receive the dental care they need. The process is easy, and when the procedure is complete the Nitrous Oxide wears off quickly. Patients can return to their normal routine shortly after their procedure.


Your oral health is our priority and we only offer the very best technology at Floor Dental Group. Our doctors participate in continuing education to bring the latest in techniques and equipment to our practice. Floor Dental Group provides the quality dental care you can trust and only offers the very best services and treatment for our patients.

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